Wednesday, December 23, 2015

White Heart

Second post and coming in strong. I really want to take this seriously and keep on doing it for a long while now, because I really love sharing my thoughts throughout paper rather than having useless conversations with some people that have masks and pretend to understand you just to mock you later or judge you.

Don't get me wrong everyone in this world judges , it is in our nature to do so . But I do believe that some people have it stronger than others. Social prejudice is the worst in my opinion no matter what the other person believes in. That does not give him the right to think that he may know what is going on in your life. But this is a different topic and would take me hours and hours to discuss . For now let's just enjoy this pretty little black dress.

Love Violet.

                                        H&M    - Ankh necklace
                                        H&M    - Black with white hearts dress
                                        Ebay     - Mondo Velvet Creepers.

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