Thursday, December 24, 2015

Shadow of the Creeper

                                             H&M                    - Skull Beanie
                                             H&M                    - Glow in the dark Creep Cropped Shirt
                                             New Yorker          - Moto Jacket
                                             Stradivarius          - High Waist Ripped Skinny Jeans
                                             Vintage                 - Combat Boots

            Love, love, love this look so much. I was out taking a walk when me and Edi ( my boyfriend ) decided to go stalk the mall a bit for alternative treasures and I stumbled upon this Creep beaut. It was on sale at half price because originally it was for Halloween .

           But come on this piece can be worn all year round because it's versatility . Also it comes in yeah ! Anywho I must say that immediately I was putting together an outfit for it . So in the weekend we head on out to take some photos of the outfit put together. It's a bit classic for me a - BLACK ON BLACK ACTION - but who can go wrong with this combo, right ?

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