Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Scream with me

  Hello beloved ones and welcome !

  Many of you may have come to this blog from instagram as I said a while ago that I will start to blog but never got to it, because of University and so on. But here it is , finally I know.

Therefore I want to start by saying that I will write here what inspires me, beliefs, music, my photography and whatever else I may thinks or be asked about in the future.

For now let's start with one of my favorite shoots done by my beloved boyfriend ( Edi ), almost 1 year ago. Time sure flies like it was yesterday . I remember this day being a really warm, sunny one and full of joy, because I was asked if I could publish my first article for street journalism in one of me teachers own magazine. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and of course proud of my capacity to fight even when all doors where closed shut . In the end by doing what you truly want not only brings warmth to the heart but a belief that anything CAN be fulfilled .

Love Violet .


                                                           Beanie                                - H&M
                                                           Backpack                           - C&A
                                                           Moto faux Leather Jacket  - New Yorker
                                                           High Waist Skinny Jeans   - Stradivarius
                                                           Biker Boots                        - Forever 21

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