Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lucky Nr. 78

                  Hello beloved ones !

       Here is my - GO TO LAZY OUTFIT - whenever I just want to look a bit put together but not really. You get it.

       Anyway, this look is one of my favorite so far because of these 90's boyfriend jeans that fit you nice and hug the spots you want to cover. This pair was my dad's actually but of course I had to make them mine, because I really love this style and not only because I was born in the 90's.

      And what look would be complete without a nice cozy beanie to hide a bad hair day, right ?

                                                    Beanie                     - H&M
                                                    Cropped T-Shirt      - New Yorker
                                                    Jeans                       - Vintage
                                                    Belt                         - Vintage 
                                                    Creepers                  - Ebay Uk

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