Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lady in Red

                                            Hello beloved ones !

                I had to make this quick post about this amazing dress that makes my like so much more colorful .
               It all started with my best friends wedding that not only I had to attend, but I was chosen a bridesmaid. Therefore I had to look flawless for her special day. So we had to choose the dress color and of course I went with my second ultimate favorite color on planet Earth which is, of course, RED. ( Black will forever be my love ).
               Sooo..after days and days of looking everywhere for a special, yet simple and elegant dress, we decided to give up and let the wedding planer take over until my genius boyfriend came up with this awesome idea " Why not try H&M first, I mean, you really love that joint and it always delivered ."
              And here I was not knowing how to thank him because he was our life savior . And here I am with this cute dress that could be worn at so many other occasions not only weddings of course. And this is why I love it so much for it;s versatility .

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