Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Civil War

                      Always go back to the roots !

        A little something that I live by really. I mean, to me it is really important to maintain your individuality in a society that is copying anything, especially these days where it is really hard to reinvent yourself over and over until you find your own style and keep it as your own.

      When I was highscooler I was called so many names for what I stood for and still do. And it may sound weird but I loved it - the attention , the awkward stares on the street, frankly it was amazing to be different and not be afraid of showing it.

      But now as a young adult I am starting to feel fear and it a horrible feeling . Because I am kind of scared now of what other people may think of me and my style, because I am part of the Grinding Machine a.k.a the corporate ladder and a first impression is a must for me these days.
      If I look in a different way that I should, a person, may not hire me for a photoshoot or not publish my article just because I listen to Machine Head on my spare time, something utterly stupid like that or any other reason to kick you out these days seam solid.

     Therefore I have to look after my aspect and be myself at the same time. Boy when I was a teenager I told myself to never change who I am or else something bad would happen to me and it did in a way. My perspective for this society is degrading by the day but all I can do is be myself and let others accept me for who I am because in the end I am happy of how I turned out. And at night when you linger by the fire and can tell yourself that you love yourself I do believe that is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Love Violet.

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