Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bad Habits

                                                   H&M        - Beanie
                                                   H&M        - Cropped Compass T-Shirt
                                                   H&M        - Penicl Skirt
                                                   Ebay          - Mondo Platform Velvet Creepers

    I have to say from the beginning that I am not a skirt girl and never will be, because I really find them impractical and only as a fashion statement . But when I found this pencil skirt from H&M and on sale that summer I knew I had to have it no matter what. It is one of those things that may not suit you , or it may not even be your style but you still find the need of trying it just to see the fit or for the sake of it . And that's what happened to me here. After this I feel in love with the material and wore it couple of times. Which is a lot for me. I tried pulling together my go to style with this dress, it being in the center of attention and of course I choose no colors again, because BLACK.

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