Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Alternative Star

   I'm back with a new post at about 4 o'clock in the morning, because I can't sleep and this has been going on for years now. My insomnia is insane and it kicks in at the most unusual moments I swear.

I dare to say that sometimes I feel like I am in " Fight Club ", and everything is a copy of copy, of a copy. Oh..about this, just came to my mind that I should make a new post all about my top favorite movies of all time , slasher , comedy, drama , kind of like my go to on a rainy day. Also I am thinking of sharing my skin care routine and healthy diets that I have been eating for the past almost 3 years .

Of course I will post in the future my go to Instagram app editor, what camera I use, the best angles for selfies, etc.

Now about the clothing - Loving this outfit to the core of course , especially for this flannel that has a history and it is dear to my heart.

As for the Frankenstein t - shit I am crazy over it. Because I have always wanted one like this but never found anything like this one in store, even in a vintage one so I had no choice but to look for one online knowing that I will not find anything that suits me. And boy was I wrong . Point is - always look where never expected !

                                                 Beanie                                                               - New Yorker
                                                 Flannel                                                               - H&M
                                                 Frankenstein T - Shirt                                        - Ebay Uk
                                                 Creepers - High Mondo Velvet Underground   - Ebay Uk

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